Three immersive video games for an extended vacation

Posted on Apr 2, 2021, 8:54 AMUpdated Apr 2, 2021, 10:09 AM

A game to give you nightmares, another to learn how to cultivate your garden, a last to perfect the management of a zoo. There is something for all tastes and all ages, at a time of the year not very rich in novelties.

Little nightmares 2

“Atmosphere, atmosphere, do I have an atmosphere hangover? Yes, a little bit anyway and even a lot. This strange platform game, which we owe to Tarsier Studios, extends the experience of the first Little Nightmares, released in 2017, in a nightmare world. You have to imagine a desolate, tricky land, where danger lurks at every stone. It is a dark, dangerous forest. One should not only be wary of the place where one sets foot, because the adventure which will lead a little man, his head hidden by a large paper bag, towards freedom or rather the awakening, has what to put the players in an uncomfortable situation. The game is not very permissive and you need to have a good sense of timing to avoid the many dangers that await you. Death will often await you at the crossroads, with a sense of urgency and fear mixed together.

Especially since the little hidden hero is now accompanied by another child. Equally fragile, but devilishly useful at times to break the deadlock. Little Nightmares 2 is a game with a strange atmosphere. We quickly let ourselves be charmed by the graphics, by the atmosphere and by the desire to save them at all costs. But if the universe is vast, the path is clear and the adventure ends relatively quickly (on condition of solving puzzles that quickly gain in complexity). A surprising and gripping game despite some flaws.

The plus: an unusual adventure.

The least: a somewhat linear and short adventure.

Little Nightmares 2 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, as well as PC. PEGI 16

Story of seasons Pioneers of Olive Town

The sun is shining, the buds are bursting, it’s finally spring… and back to the fields with this nice peasant simulation. Direction Oliville where you have just inherited your grandfather’s farm. Childhood memories go back, you can smell straw, fresh eggs and cow dung. You get on your trusty steed (an old sluggish scooter that would blow away certain deputies of the City of Paris) and here you are at work. You have to plant, sow and listen carefully to the weather forecast and the good advice of the mayor of the town. Without forgetting to develop the farm of the ancestor who seemed to live in ancient times (like, no laptop, no wifi, no console). In the countryside, time does not pass like in the city, but your little virtual self will not lack work, especially since it will be necessary to maintain good neighborly relations, but also with your numerous pets. Not to mention the little elves who can provide you with invaluable help.

The game is easy to learn, but it takes time, even if the developers of Marvelous had the good idea to offer a game mode where plants grow faster. You can also be tempted by its price (around 40 euros).

In the end, this Story of Seasons is a friendly and engaging agricultural and friendly simulation game, with colorful and relaxing graphics. For those who would have grown tired of a certain game also available on Switch where it is especially necessary to cultivate friendships.

The plus: hours of games for the peasant apprentices, without getting calluses on their hands.

The least: a bit long loading time, not ideal for a game that already praises slowness.

Story of seasons Pioneers of Olive Town is available on Switch

For those who like to have the controller in hand

It is a compact wired controller, ideal for small hands. Bigben subsidiary Nacon gaming accessories maker recently released its Pro Compact Controller for Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC. Pleasant in the hand, it is characterized by its smaller size, which can take a little time to adapt to big fingers. It gains in finesse and lightness. The Nacon controller also offers the possibility of configuring the buttons and adjusting the sensitivity of the triggers and joysticks. A plus for shooting games or racing games. You can also turn off vibrations. The player can also plug in his headset to take advantage of Dolby Atmos technology for better immersion.

Planet Zoo, South East Asia

It’s one of my favorite management games: take the reins of a zoo where you can find tigers, lions, red pandas, bears, bonobos and reindeer… among the many animals available. It is not only a question of taking good care of its residents and of making them happy (the inspectors and the demonstrators are never far away), it is also necessary to ensure that the visitors do not miss anything, that the zoo stays clean etc. There are challenges, sandbox modes, and even a storyline that will let you visit zoos around the world. Hours of games in perspective, regularly fed by DLC. The latest takes the direction of Southeast Asia, the opportunity to use new elements for the decorations of the zoo. Because the most inventive will be able to build the zoo of their dreams, Sims style. This will require patience, however. This extension allows above all to pamper new animals such as the clouded panther or the Malayan bear, but also the binturong, the babiroussa or the most famous monkey in the universe of Tintin: the nasic. There is also a new scenario in Malaysia. The expansion might not be as complete and exciting as the Arctic Pack or the Aquatic Pack released in December, but over time Planet Zoo, imagined by the creators of the excellent Jurassic World Evolution, has grown. claims to be a must have PC game.

The plus: crisp animals and depth of management.

The least: often no time to enjoy the animals or a little train ride around the site.

Planet Zoo is available on PC.

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