Thus, Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family will be an offer for the whole family.

It was in early August that Microsoft officially launched the Xbox Game Pass family subscription, but only for certain members of the Xbox Insider program. Today, the official name of this new proposal has probably been found.

Its name is Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family.

Once again, a user named Aggiornamenti Lumia tweeted out the likely name of an Xbox Game Pass subscription dedicated to family.

If the name of this new subscription is confirmed, it’s interesting to note that Microsoft is encouraging friends to share their Xbox Game Pass subscription. It’s already possible to share your Xbox account, but Microsoft is talking more about it in the same house, while many gamers today share their accounts to take advantage.

The Xbox Game Pass Family Membership, launched in test mode in Ireland and Colombia, is currently priced at €22 and can be used by up to five people. This brings us to a cost of just €4.40 per person for a one-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, while it is offered at the public price of €12.99. It’s still more than an Xbox Live conversion gimmick, but still a great value when you have 4 friends or loved ones to share an account with.

As of now, no date has been set for the availability of Xbox Game Pass for family and friends, but it is possible that an official announcement will be made in the coming months with a release, why not, by the end of the year.

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