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If you enjoy using spinners and other portable gadgets to help you focus, you might be interested in the new titanium gadget created by 3A Production. Returning to Kickstarter for the fourth time, their new Ti Slider Plates Titanium is compact and customizable, providing a tactile EDC focus tool with five unique colors to choose from: Silver, Blue, Brown, Gold, and Petrol.

At present, upfront contributions are available for an inventive project at a special price of approximately £60 to £50 (depending on current exchange rates).

slider 1

“Ti Slider Plates are two small titanium plates that make up one fidget toy with neodymium magnets. All of our Ti Slider Plates are precision CNC machined from titanium. Each Ti Slider Plate contains neodymium magnets, the strongest permanent magnets commercially available in the world. Ti Slider Plates are one of the versatile toys made with quality materials. They are pocket sized, portable and can be your desk companion.”

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If the Ti Slider Plates crowdfunding campaign successfully raises the required target and the project progresses smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected to take place sometime in October 2022. To learn more about the Ti Slider Plates Titanium project, watch the promotional video below.

Titanium slider

“We have come a long way to understand what exactly magnets are that make antistress gadgets so attractive. In the case of the Ti Slider Plates, this is exactly what makes you want to play with it nonstop and with one side effect – it also helps to concentrate (and this is very nice!) Titanium is a material known for its durable properties and resistance to a number of common external factors : this ensures longterm potential and high quality of the product.”

fidget slider stickers

“You can also add an engraving of your choice to personalize your product or make it a personalized gift. Also go to addons to make your product a two color combination of your choice! One product comes in one color, so if you want to change the color of one or two plates, just add it to your order via addons!”

For a complete list of all available campaign commitments, additional targets, additional media, and detailed specifications for the Titanium fidget slider, visit the official Ti Slider Plates Crowdfunding Campaign page by following the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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