Ticket Insurance: Be Vigilant! |

Ticket providers are increasing their coverage of insurance coverage in the wake of Covid-19. Indeed, this was the main concern of buyers when the massive cancellations were announced. Today, most of them prefer to have a lifebuoy so as not to waste their money.

Ticket insurance differs from platform to platform. However, planners and buyers should be familiar with the subject matter to avoid confusion. Ignoring real politics leads some people to ignore health advice and not miss an event, let alone lose money.

What do I need to know about ticket insurance?

Generally buyers can expect return in case of cancellation of the event… Local and national detention as well as forced self-isolation are also acceptable cases. Therefore, ticket insurance does not apply.

But some situations are confusing. This is when buyers follow the advice of the government rather than the requirements of the law. For example, when it is not recommended to leave a certain area, it is not covered by some policies. So what could be do not receive a refund… In these circumstances, you need to know the terms of each insurance policy in advance to determine if it is worth paying for.

Whether you are a supplier, buyer, or planner, have a good understanding of this aspect. The main mistake is to think that all disruptions related to Covid are covered. Some companies are expanding opportunities by covering up for coronavirus infection or mourning in the wake of the pandemic. They even go as far as compensation in case of dismissal during these difficult times. These are examples, but each ticket insurance policy may be different.

When canceling, take your time with a decision. Refunds are not the only alternative. Use tickets to defer this is also a suggestion solution.

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