Tiffany Quay Tyson, Layla Mottley and Jakub Samalek: Must-Read Books

Deep dream

Tiffany Quay Tyson, trans. from English (USA) by Eloise Esquier.

Sonatina, 400 pages, 22 euros.

Limited offer. 2 months for 1€ no obligation

L’Express rating: 4/5

It was a scorching summer afternoon in 1976 in White Forest, Mississippi. The municipal swimming pool is closed, what else can Willet, Bert and Pansy have to cool off, except in the old quarry, now flooded? The warnings of their father, who is judging a place inhabited by scattered, vile evil, do not change anything. And yet: after leaving their 6-year-old little sister Pansy on a plank board while they go into the woods to stuff wild berries, Willett and Bert, upon their return, find that she is nowhere to be found, not on the water or anywhere else. She does not come home either in the evening or the next day. And soon their father, a notorious counterfeiter, accustomed to disappearing regularly, no longer shows signs of life.

Deep sleep opens with Faulkner’s famous dictum, “The past is never dead, it’s not even the past” (English title “The past is never”). An idea emasculated by narrative device, articulated between Burt’s voice, which recounts the events after Pansy’s disappearance and, in particular, their mother’s imminent depression, and a third-person account that traces the family’s genesis and some kind of curse placed on it. , as always in the South, much depends on the color of the skin. A sprawling, unpredictable romance that ends in sumptuous pages shrouded in the light of the Everglades, South Florida, where it all began and where nothing really ends. [NDLR : Tiffany Quay Tyson est l’une des invités du festival America, à Vincennes (du 22 au 25 septembre)]. Bertrand Bouar

Deep dream

Deep dream


Walk the night

Leila Mottley, trans. from English (USA) by Polina Lokin.

Albin Michel, 416 pages, €21.90.

L’Express rating: 3/5

What were you doing at 17? Leila Mottley,” she wrote. The poems and novel have been offered at many auctions around the world and selected by Queen Oprah Winfrey at her Book Club. A better start in life than that of her character and narrator, Kiara Hot, known as Kia or Key, forced into prostitution for housing and food. Therefore, there is nothing autobiographical about this Nightcrawling, and we are delighted, as the daily life of a young African American from Oakland, California, chills the blood. Kia, a creature made of paper, of course, but one that was inspired by her, writes Layla Mottley (today 19), in a post that happened in 2015 involving several of the city’s cops in a sex exploitation case of a ‘young girl’. Hence this novel, both bloody and tender, which deals with the vulnerability, invisibility, and lack of protection of many women of color. But let’s get back to this.

While her father is dead and her mother is in rehab after a dark story about a found dead baby, Kia relies on Marcus, her older brother, to pay the rent (which will double) on the family’s apartment. But Marcus prefers to pursue a hypothetical career as a rapper, like his uncle Ty, who became a “millionaire”. Two hundred dollars! Gifted by a white man in a single evening of alcoholic depression, the tickets, which are given out so “easily”, open up new perspectives for the young Kia. Who, one thing leads to another, turns out to be being manipulated by a gang of rogue cops who shamelessly rape her. But not everything is black in this Californian tragedy, Leila Mottley also pours a lot of love (brotherly, “motherly”) and friendly mutual assistance onto the pages. A dose of good quality that makes this hard-hitting sci-fi even more believable, the author of which will also be in Vincennes during the American festival. EVENINGS

Walk the night

Walk the night

Albin Michael

Do you know who

Yakub Shamalek, trans. from Polish Kamil Barbarsky.

Metaie, 464 pages, 23 €.

L’Express rating: 3/5

Dear reader, when you close this book, you will never look at your electronic devices the same way again. Have you considered your phone, your computer as your allies, companions in everyday life? They can become your enemies, your biggest weakness. Even the most technophobic readers will fall into the tangled web of the Pole Jakub Shamalek, who signs his first thriller there with an unequivocal warning: “This is not a science fiction novel.” You know who, so the messages left by the informant for the young journalist are signed. She is only interested in facts about different people, being able to skillfully make a fuss with her social media practice. Until the day when she treats a strange car accident that has been the victim of a TV star. This will be his biggest success and the beginning of his downfall. As she prides herself on doing a “real” investigation, she finds herself trapped, in turn being harassed by social media and dark web experts who intrude into her privacy with the electronic devices that accompany him everywhere.

The first part of the trilogy, where we will find the same heroine, you know who is a novel, well written by the author, a video game writer in addition, but also an exciting dive into two little-known universes. One of the geeks who explore our underground life and are capable of anything. And a form of journalism where you don’t have to work half a day to figure out whether it’s better to use a subordinate clause or a real gerund, where the main thing is to be first. Agnes Laurent

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Do you know who

Do you know who

metaly black

Louis-Henri de La Rochefoucauld, Marianne Payot and Agnes Laurent


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