TikTok is in the process of launching a shopping feature to compete with Facebook Shops

TikTok is reportedly in the process of launching a new shopping feature within its video creation and sharing app, owned by ByteDance, according to Bloomberg.

A first partnership with Hype

These “in-app purchases” are currently being tested in Europe thanks to the signing of partnerships with companies of which Hype is part. The UK-based company, which sells streetwear clothing, confirmed this information to The Verge. On Hype’s TikTok account, there is indeed a “shopping” tab which is currently empty.

The implementation of this new feature is not surprising. For several months, TikTok has been increasing the announcements in this direction. In August 2020, the social network forged a partnership with the American platform Teespring dedicated to the sale of personalized products, particularly popular with “influencers”. He has also been collaborating with Shopify since October 2020 in the United States and since last February in Europe.

TikTok’s approach is part of a more global strategy led by its parent company ByteDance, which wishes to launch into e-commerce. A few days ago, she announced that she had recruited thousands of people and called on renowned sponsors like Lei Jun, founder of Xiaomi. In 2020, she sold nearly $ 26 billion worth of makeup, clothing, and other merchandise. In the near future, she hopes to see more than a thousand brands join her ranks.

Compete with Facebook Shops?

By integrating in-app purchases, the subsidiary of the giant ByteDance is following the path of Facebook, which has taken the e-commerce sector by storm. Last May, he launched “Shops”, a free online store feature available on the eponymous social network and Instagram. A few months later, in December, Instagram Reels – a feature very close to the principle of TikTok – acquired a shopping service that allows you to view the products mentioned during a video.

For TikTok, this is an opportunity to diversify to monetize its application. In this logic, he is currently testing a recruitment tool, reports Axios. The functionality will not be directly integrated into the application. This is a website on which job offers will be posted. People will be able to apply by submitting a video on TikTok rather than submitting a classic resume.

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