TikTok: ‘Kia Challenge’ Encourages Teens to Steal Hyundai Group Cars

Owners of some Hyundai and Kia models are being urged to take special precautions to protect their cars from a wave of thefts after the issue surfaced on social media TikTok.

While some fun challenges have already appeared on TikTok, some of them are far more dangerous, if not illegal. We have already seen two girls, aged 8 and 9, die after participating in a “blackout test”, which consisted of suffocating until they passed out in front of the camera, or “Insidious Lick”, in which users were asked to steal any subject to his school.

Recently, a new illegal challenge “Kia Challenge” appeared on the platform. The latter shows users of the social network how to steal certain models of Kia and Hyundai, simply by removing the plastic trim located under the steering column and using a USB cable.

Kia and Hyundai car theft is on the rise due to TikTok

The trend exploded last year in Milwaukee, where Kia models released in 2011 or later and Hyundai models released in 2015 or later appear to be top targets. The thieves used USB cables or screwdrivers to start the car after removing the steering column. Presumably, the USB cable can be used to turn the ignition key, start the car, and release the steering lock. The Hyundai or Kia can then move forward and restart at any time with the same cable.

The thieves then take the stolen cars on high-speed rides to make their TikTok videos more interesting. They show wild wobbling and completely insane driving, which has already cost the lives of several thieves and pedestrians.

Fortunately, not all Kia suffer from the same safety flaw. Apparently, the new 2022 models have new anti-theft technology that should prevent such incidents, but the Pennsylvania police are warning owners of older models to keep an eye on their car because the problem has gone viral. TikTok is trying to somehow increase the detection of dangerous calls, but not all of them are detected in time.

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