TikTok offers its own range of mini video games

Chinese social network on all fronts. After a music album and perhaps a music streaming app, TikTok is moving to mobile gaming. Some of them were tested last May in Vietnam. The platform is just starting to offer creators in some countries to integrate these mini-games into their videos with a simple click before exporting their content.

At the moment, a little less than a dozen games are available. Without the ability to monetize or advertise, TikTok is already looking at how users incorporate games into their content and how they interact with it to gauge the interest of their community before developing new ones.

The mini-games offered should stay within the theme of the app, such as Influencer Run, which offers the player a race for fame, a race between likes and dislikes across multiple levels. The app is always designed to engage its users in videos. You can save your game to share it online or challenge your friends.

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