TikTok to launch direct paid subscription for creators

The new feature will be tested from Thursday, as announced by the platform in a video, and will allow creators to “earn a predictable monthly income” and customize their “live room”.

TikTok has also released several videos for creators that boast perks reserved for fans if they subscribe, such as using personalized emoji specific to their universe in conversation during the broadcast.

This new tool is reminiscent of the success formula of Twitch, the video game streaming platform.

Video broadcasts are visible to all visitors there, but only subscribers have access to certain emoticons in the chat window where they comment on games.

On TikTok, followers will be able to wear a badge indicating their seniority and will have access to an exclusive “chat” (chat group).

The app will initially offer this feature in beta mode to select authors. It will then be extended to over 18s and at least 1,000 fans.

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