TimeSplitters 4: development will begin soon, Free Radical Design reformed for the occasion Xbox One

We have been talking about it for years without ever having been able to be certain of seeing it happen one day. The uncertainty ends, however, today with the formal announcement made by publisher Deep Silver: TimeSplitters will return, development is expected to start in the coming months. Finally.

Whether it is called TimeSplitters 4 or otherwise, this great name from the first Xbox era of the name will therefore have a particularly awaited return. On this occasion, Deep Silver announces that the developer will be a newly created studio, based on the foundations of the entity that created Timesplitters, Free Radical Design in its time. The studio will also take this name that it had lost to Crytek UK in 2009, before sinking in 2014. We will find some historical members of the studio, like Steve Ellis and David Doak.

For the moment, absolutely nothing is known about the TimeSplitters project, so we will have to be very patient before seeing the first images.

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