TiMi Montreal: the Tencent group opens a new AAA studio

A new large-scale studio opens its doors in Quebec: TiMi Montreal

It is to believe that the pandemic is not really a brake for entrepreneurs. Indeed, after Dontnod last year, it is the turn of the Chinese TiMi, of the Tencent group, to open its first studio in Canada and its third in North America, TiMi Montreal.

As reported by our colleague Dean Takahashi of Venture Beat, TiMi Montreal joins TiMi Seattle and TiMi Los Angeles. He recalls that TiMi is the origin of successful mobile titles such as Call of Duty: Mobile, Honor of kings, and Pokémon Unite coming soon.

The local version of TiMi will focus on creating new cross-platform intellectual property (consoles and PCs). Their title will be an AAA which will take place in an open world and will be a game-service therefore with micro-transactions and downloadable content (DLC) to keep it relevant to the image of Rainbow Six Siege or Genshin Impact.

According to Vincent Gao, head of international game development for TiMi Studio Group, “the Montreal team is still in its infancy and we are delighted to be working alongside such reputable studios as Ubisoft. “He specifies that” the video game scene in Montreal has a long history with open world games and is a breeding ground for talent. We see this place as the best opportunity to recruit a diverse team that should boost our creativity. “

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