Tin Hearts: The Lemmings-Like is coming to PlayStation VR (and Oculus Quest?)

The Rogue Sun studio has just announced the upcoming arrival of Tin Hearts on PlayStation VR as well as on “Oculus”. Also playable without a VR headset on many other platforms, their adorable Lemmings-style puzzle game shows off its gameplay.

Released in November 2018 on PC, Tin Hearts is a puzzle-game mixing the gameplay of Lemmings and a world of toys way Toy story. The player must therefore use the elements available to advance the little and cute toy soldiers; in particular fanciful and inventive machines, while avoiding the various obstacles on the course. The game offers more than 40 levels during this adventure retracing the story of Albert Butterworth: an inventor of the Victorian era.

Tin Hearts is created by the young studio Rogue Sun, founded by former Lionhead Studios. As a reminder, Lionhead was the ex-studio of Peter Molyneux (which closed in 2016). Among other things, the studio gave life to the god game Black & White as well as to the saga Fable at Microsoft. Tin Hearts is therefore their first game as this new identity.

The press release released last night announces the game will be released on many platforms. This includes Xbox consoles and the Nintendo Switch. Regarding virtual reality, it arrives this winter on PlayStation VR and mention is also made of the Oculus platform, without further details. Tin Hearts Since it is already available on the Rift Oculus Store in early access, it is possible that it will arrive on Oculus Quest, unless it is only the announcement of the end of early access. As soon as we have more information on the topic, we will update this article.

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