Tired of Windows? Windowsfx could be the Linux distribution for you

If you’ve never used an operating system other than Windows, you’re already familiar with some of its common problems. But what if I told you that the alternative has been around since 1997? Yes, I’m talking about Linux.

Wait a second before rolling your eyes. Of course, there are many Linux distributions, from the simplest to the very complex. Some use the traditional desktop layout with a bottom bar, system tray, and menus. There are also offices that are trying to reinvent everything in order to create a more modern and elegant interface.

In the middle of all this, for those who are only familiar with Windows, there is Windowsfx. This OS uses the KDE Plasma desktop environment to provide an interface that is very close to Windows 11. A distracted eye won’t even see the difference from a real Windows 11 installation.

Software environment

Windows desktop menu.

Image: Jack Wallen/ZDNET.

But Windowsfx is not just an OS with an interface close to the Microsoft operating system. The distribution also includes support for Android apps and MS apps such as Edge, Teams, Skype, PowerShell, Office Online, and OneDrive. You will also find other applications including:

  • KMail (and all major KDE applications)
  • AnyDesk;
  • Google Chrome;
  • K3b;
  • Java 17;
  • Steam;
  • VLC media player;
  • Wine tricks.

From the first start, Windowsfx will satisfy most of your needs. With two different office suites, two web browsers, and preinstalled Wine (for running Windows applications), you can do just about anything with Windowsfx. Just click the start button to open a menu where you can access all installed applications.

In use

In short, working with Windowsfx is flawless. The OS will satisfy your needs, whatever they may be. Even installing an application like Notepad++ went smoothly. Just download the .exe file, double click and follow the instructions on the screen.

Notepadd++ runs on WindowsFX.

Image: Jack Wallen/ZDNET.

Unlike Windows 11, which limits the customization options of this desktop, Windowsfx is highly customizable. If you don’t like something, you can change it. Plus, making these changes isn’t as hard as you might think. Open the Settings app and you’ll have plenty of customization options at your fingertips.

Windowsfx system settings app.

Image: Jack Wallen/ZDNET

Windowsfx is nothing but Windows 11 on steroids. If you’re not looking for a more customizable version of Windows 11, you can also stick with the default settings and enjoy an operating system that has an interface and ergonomics very close to Windows, as well as the stability and security of Linux.

Discover Windowsfx on the official website

Whatever experience you’re looking for, Windowsfx can provide it. If you are looking for the perfect operating system to help you get out of Windows, Windowsfx is probably your best bet.

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