Titan Quest: Ragnarök expansion arrives on PS4 and Xbox One

Released in 2006, the legendary hack’n slash Titan Quest has resurfaced in recent years with the release of a remaster and two extensions: Ragnarök and Atlantis. First launched on PC, they are now moving towards PS4 and Xbox One.

Titan Quest Ragnarök is now available on these two consoles for € 19.99. For this price, you can discover a new scenic arc in the kingdoms of the Celts, the Nordics and the gods of Asgard, the tenth master Rune master, a revised and corrected progression curve going up to level 85, and of course bosses, enemies and additional equipment. As for the most recent extension, Atlantis, THQ Nordic indicates that it will not be necessary to wait long before seeing it arriving on PS4 and Xbox One. For now, the publisher does not mention the arrival of these extensions on Nintendo Switch.

Titan Quest Ragnarök: Gameplay trailer

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