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As the F5 war raged on November 19 in an attempt to secure its Playstation 5, we picked up ours at the appointed time from our small neighborhood shopkeeper. Finally at the said time not exactly, since the time to dress up, to know which pants to put on and which shoes to associate with them, the opening hour had already passed for a handful of minutes. Nothing serious, after months of waiting, there was no fire in the lake. And then between us, what could be more normal than wanting to be presentable for a first date.

Between excitement and apprehension, we didn’t have time to think much about our first catchphrase during the 50 meters separating us from the store. From there everything went very quickly, “Hello”, “Why what?”, “Credit card?”, “Thank you”, “goodbye”. Frozen smile, hair in the wind, heart filled with joy, it is above all the bank account in agony that we have returned, to drink ourselves from the intoxication of the discovery of this new machine.

We are still on our honeymoon, it goes without saying that we still accept the faults of the PS5 like qualities he was promised never to hate. We are therefore going to share with you our hot opinion on this new PlayStation console at the bend of some key points that have made us climb to seventh heaven. Ecstasy of discovery, or real qualities of which a flashback cannot be envisaged, that we will know over time. For now, we are savoring.

A PlayStation 5 with generous curves

As much to say to you that the unpacking was not done without difficulty since the console was so big, that it found itself trapped in the maxi size bag of the shop. So much so that not being able to extricate it, we wondered how the salesman had been able to cram it in there. In life, there are mysteries that cannot be explained. Cutter in hand, bag cut out, it’s time to discover the beast, and we probably won’t teach you, but the box is as huge as you could imagine.

In a way, we don’t know you, but the satisfaction was much greater when coming home with a huge box after spending 500 balls, than when we bought the last smartphone at 1200 euros. The console is imposing, curved, and that we love.

After slipping three VCR format consoles into the TV cabinet, it’s just as well to say that it’s really nice to finally have a console that looks like a real entertainment device, and not to our Orange box which we camouflage as much as possible. No offense to PC players, they no longer have a monopoly on tuning! The Playstation 5 is tall, but as far as we’re concerned, we love her long gray dress (or white, we’ll let you debate that), and the look she has once installed.

The Dualsense controller is a revolution!

When opening the box, it is the first thing we discover, the famous Dualsense, and it is with excitement that we took this little angel in our hands. Subject to much praise, journalists have often had the superlative easy, and for good reason, the Dualsense made a huge impression on us from the first vibrations felt on the free game of the Playstation 5 : Astro’s Playroom. Perhaps it is precisely because our controllers have in the end only been subject to really relevant innovations, but this Dualsense immediately makes you feel that nothing will ever be the same again.

Intense and ultra precise vibrations, sensations never felt before, triggers partly redefining the value of the word immersion in a video game, that’s more or less what we can say about the discovery of this superb controller which could eventually lead to a fracture as violent as during the transition from SD to HD. That’s what we can say hot, of course, and everything will depend on how the controller will be used in the future by the studios.

The life changing SSD

So we will put our feet in the dish now and talk about the big defect of the SSD. As much as you certainly did not miss out on everything that this new generation aspect brings in positive, we can tell you that there is a big black point to highlight. At the risk of disappointing you, and know that we fully understand your distress, it will unfortunately no longer be possible for you now to take a pee, coffee or cigarette break during the endless loading times to which we have been entitled for years. .

No luck, your rhythm of life will have to be reconfigured to the point of asking yourself “but when will I be able to take a break?”. After 10 deaths in Demon’s Souls? When Spider-Man Miles Morals crashes? Once the bucket is full? Joking aside the contribution of the SSD is simply bluffing, and it did not take us more than an hour to get used to it. Running out of or almost running out of loading time will change a lot for you.

In any case for us it is an extraordinary comfort of which we will forget the other side of the medal (its size) for the moment, we keep you warm for our cold return more serious and conventional.

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