To accelerate in e-health, Orange invests in LBO France’s Digital Health 2 fund

Orange announces that it has invested, through its holding company Orange Digital Investment, in the Digital Health 2 fund of the private equity firm LBO France.

This fund wishes to invest 200 million euros in France and Western Europe in companies specializing in e-health dedicated to B2B in the growth phase. LBO France recently participated in the fundraising campaign for the young Bordeaux startup Meditect, which is developing a mobile application to verify the authenticity of a drug using the blockchain.

Become a leader in e-health

For the French group, this announcement is part of the desire to become a leader in the e-health sector. At the beginning of October, Orange announced a reorganization of its services, in particular the transfer of the activities of Orange Healthcare, the health branch of OBS, within the company Enovacom, specializing in e-health software and acquired by Orange. in 2018. This new structure is dedicated to the protection and use of data, exchanges between professionals in the sector and the digitization of the patient journey.

“The prospects for cooperation with all DH2 stakeholders should make it possible to support the development of the Group’s offers in this area, and in particular those of the new health center of Orange Business Services, led by Enovacom“, said Maï de La Rochefordière, Deputy CEO of Orange Digital Investment.

A rapidly changing market

The healthcare sector is one of the pillars of Orange’s 2025 plan. This is a strategic positioning because e-health is a booming sector in France, a transformation driven in part by the health crisis which has shown the limits of the current system and its essential digitization. As part of the Ségur de la Santé, the government has set aside a budget of two billion euros dedicated to e-health.

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