To counter bots, Twitter is launching a phone number verification badge

The new Twitter badge promises to reassure users that the account is indeed controlled by a person. This is one of the controversies that arose during Elon Musk’s failed takeover of the app.

Twitter will have a new icon. The app checks for signs that someone has verified the phone number associated with their account. This method should allow the social network to guarantee that this is not a fake account managed by a robot.

The company confirmed its experiments on August 23, according to TechCrunch. She assures that this badge will help users find reliable information. The American site adds that the social network will provide its users with the ability to add context to their account.

Difficult question about bots

This variant was first introduced by Application Specialist Jane Manchun Wong on August 20th. She tweeted a screenshot of her profile with a mention of verifying her phone number. At the moment, the company does not specify the scope of testing.

This icon joins the list of previous markers already implemented by Twitter. There is a certification badge for celebrity or journalist accounts, a robot badge for auto accounts, and a flag for government or government-linked accounts.

This approach is part of the tense context surrounding the presence of bots on the social network. In early July, Elon Musk ended the takeover of Twitter. The main argument of the billionaire in favor of abandoning the application lies in the number of fake accounts registered on the platform. The boss of Tesla and SpaceX refutes the claimed share of 5% of bots present on Twitter, believing that there are many more of them. The trial will take place on October 17 to determine whether Elon Musk will be forced to continue his takeover or not.

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