To deceive the seller, he makes a bank transfer in front of him … with a fake application.

Making sure that payment was made at the time of the sale is not enough even to avoid fraud. A resident of Liege, Belgium recently found out the hard way when he put his laptop up for sale on the Facebook trading platform, according to an RTL Info article dated Wednesday, August 3, discovered by Capital.

The young man set the price at 1600 euros and was quickly contacted by an interested person. “He asked me every question to see if the computer was working well, if he could contact me again if there was ever a problem. Everything seemed fair,” the victim explained to local media. The buyer then offered him a meeting date and payment by bank transfer.

“Fake banking app”

Fearing a scam, the clerk told him he wanted cash. “No, don’t worry, you can take a photo of my account with a transfer and a photo of my ID,” he reassured him. At the moment of the meeting, everything goes a priori, as agreed, and the buyer carries out the transfer in front of a young man from Liege.

A few days later, the amount had not reached him. The latter then unsuccessfully tried several times to contact the buyer before realizing that he had just been the victim of a scam. “It was a fake banking application in which he generated a fake transfer. There was no payment,” he finally realized.

Available on the dark web

The fake buyer scheme worked really well. According to the victim, there was even a “false story with other payments.” Everything is done to build trust, it’s amazing,” he lamented. Subsequently, the account number turned out to be fake, and the identity card shown did not match the buyer.

According to online testimonies, the same bank ID was used to scam other people. The method, still little known, will come from an app available on the Dark Web. In such a situation, local authorities recommend using other, more secure means, such as instant transfers, which can be verified immediately.


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