Today the head of NASA will give a speech on the state of NASA. Here’s how to watch live.

NASA chief Bill Nelson will present his annual report on the agency’s plans and achievements on Thursday (March 9), and you can watch it live.

Nelson is scheduled to give the State of NASA talk Thursday at 3:00 pm EST (20:00 GMT). Watch it live here on, courtesy of NASA, or directly through the agency. (will open in a new tab).

“In Thursday’s keynote, Nelson will highlight the agency’s plans to explore the Moon and Mars, monitor and protect the planet, maintain U.S. leadership in aviation and aerospace innovation, spur economic growth, and promote equity and diversity within the agency and across the country. inspiring the next generation of explorers for the benefit of humanity,” NASA officials said in a statement on Wednesday. (will open in a new tab) (March 8).

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NASA's official meatball emblem was designed by James Modarelli in 1959.

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson will deliver his annual State of NASA address on March 9 at 3:00 pm EST (20:00 GMT). (Image credit: NASA)

Nelson’s speech came on the same day that the Biden administration released its 2024 federal budget proposal. But don’t expect the head of NASA to discuss many of the financial details on Thursday; they won’t come out until Monday morning (March 13).

NASA officials are scheduled to hold a press conference to discuss the budget on Monday at 1300 EST (1800 GMT). You can also listen to it live here on

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