Tokyo Launches April 12th for Xbox Series X|S –

Bethesda and Tango Gameworks Announce Ghostwire: Tokyo April 12th for Xbox Series X | S along with the Spider Thread Update for PlayStation 5 and PC. The new update is included with the Xbox Series X|S release of Ghostwire: Tokyo, and Xbox Game Pass owners get the game at no additional cost.

Ghostwire: Tokyo players can test their skills in the new Spider’s Thread roguelike game mode, which is separate from the main game. In Spider’s Thread, players must progress through 30 steps collected from over 130 levels. In the event of a loss, players must start from the beginning of the glove, but some of the buffs gained from running are retained.

The Xbox Series X|S version of Ghostwire: Tokyo and the new update include additional story content, new skills, and an expanded photo mode. In addition, a new “Reduced Horror Effects” setting will be introduced, allowing even more players to experience Ghostwire: Tokyo.

More details are available below via Bethesda and Tango Gameworks:

Whether you’re a returning Ghostbuster looking for more content, or a newcomer to modern day Tokyo besieged by the paranormal for the first time, we can’t wait to bring players this massive free update to the game. from Tango Gameworks.

In addition to the new game mode, the Spider’s Thread update includes many additions to the Ghostwire: Tokyo main story campaign. Here are some of the cool additions you can expect in this free update:

Test your skills in a brand new game mode

Take on a brand new challenge in Spider Thread, a new mode separate from the main game and selectable from the main menu. Players must progress through 30 stages compiled from over 130 hand-crafted levels with one simple goal: reach the end. It won’t be easy, but completing levels and completing challenges will help you earn important upgrades to become stronger.

But be careful: if you lose during the race, you will have to start over. However, this time you will save some of your updates. Climb down the Spider’s Wire, unlock more skills, level up and win in this game mode for seasoned Ghostwire fans!

Find out more in the main story

The Ghostwire: Tokyo Spider’s Thread update adds new locations to the haunted streets of supernatural Tokyo, including a quirky college district. There’s something sinister about these classes, but for those who don’t really like scary games, the new “Reduced Horror Effects” setting will replace some of the psychic effects with adorable SHIIBUYA HACHI stickers!

In addition to the new missions, the update introduces extended story cutscenes, giving players more character interaction and story insight as they play through Akito and K.K.’s journey to stop the menacing Hannya.

Improve your skills to fight new enemies

To prevent the worlds of the living and the supernatural from colliding, players will have to fight against the evil and otherworldly visitors who infiltrate the streets of Tokyo. With the Ghostwire: Tokyo Spider’s Thread update, Akito’s skill arsenal has been expanded with new combat skills such as “Counterattack” to successfully block, “Swift Dodge” to dodge enemy attacks, and “Dash”, an evolution of your Aether Weave technique that allows you to transform your palm strike into a melee strike charged with elements! Players can also wield the new Tengu Wind and Spiritual Fountain talismans, allowing them to summon a whirlwind to reach new heights, or a spring to replenish aether when ammo runs low.

All of these new tools in your toolbox will come in handy as there are new threats in Tokyo as well. Keep an eye out for new vicious visitors lurking in the alleyways, such as swift Retribution, the invisible Silent Gaze, or the high-flying Sanguine Dancer. With new skills, Akito and K.K. you will be able to overcome any challenge to save the Akito family and all of Tokyo!

Advanced photo mode and more!

That’s not all of the cool stuff you can find in the Ghostwire: Tokyo Spider-Wire update! Take a photo to remember with advanced photo mode features, including image overlay stamps. Use Meika in the game to unlock figures in capsule machines scattered throughout Tokyo to unlock in-game models that you can even use in Photo Mode for supernatural selfies.


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