Tokyo PD, American Crime Story, Didier… movies and series to stream this week –

It’s a new week, and once again, tons of movies and TV shows are available on Netflix, Disney+, Canal+, and Amazon Prime Video. As usual, has selected the best new movies and series for you. week of September 12, 2022.

This week we recommend Tokyo PD, American Crime Story Season 3, Veronica Mars, Didier and French.

American Crime Story – Season 3 (Disney+)

Portrait of three women during the impeachment proceedings launched against U.S. President Bill Clinton following the exposure of his relationship with Monica Lewinsky and the ensuing scandal.

Sometimes a political and psychological thriller, sometimes an intimate drama, American Crime Story’s Impeachment brilliantly tells little unknown stories hidden behind a big one, thinly wrapped in a masterful and complex production. The company is well supported by a high quality cast. Whether it’s political intrigue, portraits of women, or human drama, this season 3 is sure to captivate you and become one of our recent favorites. From September 14 on Disney+.

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Tokyo Vice (Canal+)

Tokyo, late 1990s At the age of 24, American reporter Jake Adelstein joined the police and justice department of Japan’s largest daily newspaper, Meicho Shimbun. In his first articles, the young journalist investigates several suicides and manages to make connections between the different cases he covers; his investigations lead him to suspect wrongdoing at a much higher level. Working with local police inspector Hiroto Katagiri, Jake gets involved with the mafia. He becomes an interlocutor of the Yakus, continuing to inform the police. But this dual position is not safe.

Adapted from the novel Tokyo Vice, this thriller tells the true story of American journalist Jake Adelstein, played here by Ansel Elgort (West Side Story, Baby Driver), as he investigates corruption in the bowels of Tokyo in the mid-1990s. , the mafia… Tokyo Vice is also and above all a new series directed by Michael Mann (Heat, Collateral) that promises to be one of the school events for fans of the genre. From 15 September on Canal+.

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French (Netflix)

Marseilles. 1975 Pierre Michel, a young judge from Metz with his wife and children, is appointed as an organized crime judge. He decides to attack the French Connection, a mafia organization that exports heroin around the world. Heeding no warnings, Judge Michel embarks on a single-handed crusade against Gaetan Zampa, environmental icon and untouchable godfather. But he will quickly realize that in order to get results, he must change his methods. From September 15 on Netflix.

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Veronica Mars (first video)

Veronica Mars at first glance seems like an ordinary teenager. In fact, smart and brave, the young girl is working to unravel the deepest mysteries hidden in Neptune’s small community. And at the same time, she hopes to clear up the scandal that ruined her father’s life… From September 15 on Amazon Prime Video.

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Didier (Disney+)

It is not the day for Jean-Pierre, a sports agent who is confused in his problems, to keep Didier, a friend’s Labrador, for a week. The next day, an extraordinary discovery will lead him on the most mind-blowing adventure, where his worst nightmare could very well be the chance of his life… From September 16 on Disney+.

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