Tomorrow belongs to us: what’s in store for episode 946 of Friday 11 June 2021 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode “Tomorrow is Ours” … As Timothy tries to hide his plan, Louise and Gary discuss. At the same time, Alex makes an eerie discovery.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode “Tomorrow Is Ours,” which airs tomorrow night on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday 11 June in Tomorrow belongs to us …


In the morning, Lou offers Timothy to teach him how to wash. If he agrees at first, the teenager panics when his stepmother is about to touch his laundry basket, the place where he hid the gun. Once alone, Timothy retrieves the object and hides it under his jacket before leaving for high school.

In Madame Delcourt’s lesson, a young man suffers from a heat. When he refuses to take off his jacket, Chloe agrees to place it near the open window. For her part, Manon, who has never seen her companion so badly, is trying to figure out what the matter is. Timothy then confesses to having done something terrible to Lou and surfing the dark web. However, he doesn’t want to tell her any more, lest he jeopardize his plan.

After receiving a warning from the bank that € 1,000 has been withdrawn from her account, Lou confronts her stepson. Unfortunately, Timothy rules out the opportunity to speak and the amount of leave him alone.


At the Spoon, Aurelien and Matilda have breakfast with their father. After showing them photographs of his villa in Greece, Gary says he never rebuilt his life because he was heavily tagged by the prison. Today, he hopes that he will no longer be a lonely person when children entered his life.

Gary then finds Louise at the seaside, and the ex-spouses enter into an open discussion. Although she has been in great pain in the past, Louise admits that in recent years she made a terrible mistake by fleeing. While she pleads with him not to take custody of her children, Gary objects that he is not there for this, but clarifies, however, that if the teens decide not to see her again, it will not be his fault.

At the same time, Aurelien and Matilda are enthusiastically discussing their father and would like to visit him in Greece. According to the young woman, their mother will never accept, but Aurelien believes that she no longer has the right to vote. Bart, who hears their conversation, intervenes to remind them that Louise sacrificed everything for them, before insisting that they be better with her.


On the farm, Jeanne resolutely repeats the choreography for the Tik Tok test. Alex can tell her that she shouldn’t let herself get sucked into Judith’s delusions, Jeanne wants to have fun. Later, Noor, Judith and Zhanna train before filming themselves. While Alex and Flora would like to stay and watch, Judith agrees on the condition that they participate in the trial with them. The couple then agrees to play a game.

A few hours later, the video became a real hit on social networks and quickly spread around the inhabitants of Set. While Zhanna watches the video with a smile, Alex says that he is proud that she managed to memorize the choreography. At the end of the day, Alex is cleaning a pontoon in a farmhouse when he sees a corpse floating in a pond.

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