TOP 10 best video games of 2021

Every year, when to decide which are the 10 best video games of the last 12 months is a heated and long-awaited discussion in the editorial team. This is normal, the assessment of a good game differs a lot from one person to another. And this is one of the reasons why lists like this differ so much from each other. But at the end of the day, we have to come to a consensus as a result of this discussion and it is by providing valid arguments that we solve everything, right?

Therefore, it is after due deliberation that the Geeks and Com ‘team comes up with the list of rosters. Please note that there is only room for games that have been tested on this site. So a game you think was worth it might not be there. What is wonderful is that everything is subjective and instead of debating validity, we can say that it is a good return to what we loved in 2021. So it is without fanfare that we start with our top 10 2021 of the best video games. !


The Geeks & Com test
Double Fine / Xbox Game Studios
Available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Series X / S

Psychonauts was ambitious and the result was far from being a bad game; the one that has left its mark for its originality. Thanks to the various pressures exerted by the cult community formed around the first work and many other aspects, the conclusion has finally landed in our classrooms. We were looking forward to it, and the wait was worth it.

Double Fine wins its bet by bringing us back the universe of Psychonauts. Despite a gameplay that leaves an impression of dated at times, the charm of the characters, the quality of the dialogue, the crazy levels, the incredible narrative universe and the improved controls confirm that there is still room for 3D platform games . But above all, the game does not shy away from showing us the importance of walking in other people’s shoes and being empathetic to everyone.


The Geeks & Com test
Sony / Housemarque
Exclusive to PlayStation 5

Housemarque came up with his most ambitious game and it paid off. Mixing its idiotic style with a rather complicated third-person shooter, Returnal offers us a very original recipe. In addition to being visually stunning, the game takes advantage of DualSense features to enhance immersion.

While it was third in our mid-year top 10, we predicted it would probably be on the all-year list and we were right. The game remains, to this day, a benchmark in the roguelike genre. In short, hours of fun await you in this exclusive title for PlayStation 5 that deserves this ninth position of our TOP 10 2021


The Geeks & Com test
Acid nerve / Devolver digital
Available on PC, Xbox One et Series X / S, PlayStation 4 et PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch

Death’s Door is without a doubt the biggest surprise of this year 2021. And to say that the game was designed by just two people only adds to the surprise. We discover here an indie game in the purest tradition: simple, but so effective! The game is truly without flaws and once finished we are a bit sorry that discovery and amazement cannot be re-realized. After being released only for PC and Xbox, it is now available on the Sony and Nintendo platforms to everyone’s delight.

Perhaps the game that has been most debated among the group in regards to its rank. We even had a person for whom the game was in the top 2! That is, how much quality is there in the following titles.


The Geeks & Com test
Capcom entertainment
Available on PC, Xbox One et Series X / S, PlayStation 4 et PlayStation 5, Stadia

Resident Evil Biohazard (or Resident Evil 7) allowed us to meet Ethan Winters, a man whose wife had disappeared without a trace. While he believed her dead, he received a message from her telling him that she was in Louisiana and that he had to come save her. The rest you know and if this is not the case, we strongly recommend that you start. Resident Evil Village begins three years after the previous events. For the first time in the series, we play the same lead twice in a row.

Resident Evil Village is a “melting pot” of various previous Resident Evil ideas with a truly gripping story. Capcom has achieved a masterpiece in terms of the environment that changes depending on where you are and so you feel like you are never alone. Once again a mastery of horror, but also of puzzles by Capcom that make us wish one thing: that Ethan continues to be the main theme of the ninth play.


The Geeks & Com test
Yard Games and Turn 10 / Xbox Game Studios
Available on PC, Xbox One and Series X / S

After taking the player to Colorado, Southern Europe, Australia and the UK landscapes, Forza Horizon 5 introduces Mexico and its wild nature. From the first minutes of the game, we understand that this new adventure will offer impressive scenes and that we will be disoriented for many hours.

While many detractors hope that one day the series will stagnate, Forza Horizon 5 once again manages to become one of the best productions of Xbox Game Studios by once again offering its most complete experience of the genre. The Playground Games studio offers an escape from the approaching winter temperature with a spectacular trip to the landscapes of Mexico with magnificent cars. With the many customization options, the title raises the bar even more and deserves this sixth place in our TOP 10 of 2021!


The Geeks & Com test
343 Industries / Xbox Game Studios
Available on PC, Xbox One and Series X / S

That’s it, after years of waiting, Halo Infinite finally opens its doors to us. After a long delay, it was time to shine for the Spartan John-117. The dubbed Master Chief was embarking on his greatest adventure that fans had been waiting for. So we can say that there was a lot of pressure on the shoulders of the 343 Industries studio to deliver a stage to match.

It feels good to find Master Chief in an episode that lives up to expectations with a deeper story and a universe bigger than ever. As a shooter, Halo Infinite is expertly executed and pushes the boundaries of the series in the right way. Ultimately, the game has a lot to offer fans of the series, be it through its campaign or strong multiplayer. Perhaps he will even manage to convert those who have never been tempted to the exploits of the Master Chief?


The Geeks & Com test
Arkane Studios / Bethesda Softworks
Available on PC and PlayStation 5

Deathloop, by the fusion of genres on which it is built, collides with us like a ton of bricks. Join all the spheres that make a video game appreciate. Whether it’s a rich and intriguing storyline or even a refreshing gameplay mechanic, Deathloop has plenty. You could easily have sent us these concepts anyway and without structure. However, the balance that Arkane Studios has managed to achieve in the mechanics is downright impressive.

Fans of shooter, suspense, action and science fiction games will be delighted. At one point, it was even believed that Deathloop would rise to the top of the list at the end of the year. It shows the quality of the game and how much it marked us. He deserves this place in our TOP 10 2021


The Geeks & Com test
Insomniac Games / Sony Entertainment
Exclusive to PlayStation 5

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart mixes heart and humor in an incredible adventure that is perfectly modernized for the new generation. Its playability is striking thanks to a highly varied arsenal of weapons and well-executed platform elements. If you’ve been waiting for the game that would convince you to jump with both feet on this generation of consoles, here it is. Utilize DualSense haptic vibrations, 3D audio, and adaptive triggers to enhance player immersion.

Having finished first in our mid-year Top 10, we suspected Insomniac’s title would be high in the top 10 final in 2021. Here it ranks third in our rankings.


The Geeks & Com test
Eidos Montréal / Square Enix
Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PC, GeForce Now, and Nintendo Switch (Cloud)

After Deus Ex, Thief, and Shadow of the Tomb Raider, the shadow of the latest Avengers project floated over the Quebec studio. However, our glance soon made us realize that it was a very different game and developed independently of the other.

Finally, Eidos Montreal’s rendition of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy turned out to be a very pleasant surprise. We devour every moment thanks to its endearing characters, the depth of the script and the humor that is very present that makes us smile. Eidos proves once again that there is room for high-budget linear games that are played alone. The game is really great, but you can’t dethrone the one at the top of the 2021 top 10 …


The Geeks & Com test
MercuryStream / Nintendo
Nintendo Switch Exclusive

Here it is ! The magnificent game that leads to the top of our top 10 of 2021. Person? We are not surprised at all. Almost 20 years later, the sequel to Metroid Fusion is finally coming to Nintendo with Metroid Dread. The company had put the project on hold for several years. Also, everyone expected the next game in the series to be Metroid Prime 4. But it could well be that Metroid Dread ended up being much better than the game that was originally expected.

Metroid Dread plunges us into a sequel we’ve been waiting for a long time and it didn’t disappoint. We really liked the pace of the action that connects bosses quickly with a good level of difficulty. Despite the many Metroidvania that have been released in recent years, the original series is still popular in 2021 and it shows us with Metroid Dread. That’s why we gave the king and master of the genre the top spot in our 2021 top 10.

Too much for the Geeks and Com top 10 in 2021. In your opinion, are there any big overlooks on this list? And for next year, what games are you looking forward to and do you think could make it to the end of the year list? Come and share it with us on Facebook or Twitter!

The TOP 10 2021 in pictures

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