Top 10 Most Reliable Air Carriers

Which airlines were the most likely to arrive on time in 2022? Cirium has unveiled its “Top 10” listing Air Canada and WestJet as just a small tip of the wing for North America…

Welcome to this article that will take you from the most punctual airlines to the best airports in the world, according to the 2022 rankings by industry expert Cirium. years.

Knowing which airlines are the most reliable in terms of schedules can be valuable information when choosing a leisure or business flight, especially if you need to plan a connection, for example.

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Most Reliable in North America

For Cirium, an on-time flight is defined as a flight that arrives within 15 minutes of the scheduled time. The group takes into account a number of factors to compile its rating, including punctuality, the complexity of operations and the ability of companies to limit the impact of disruptions on passengers.

airline company table

Cyrium 2022

In this North American top ten, only Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, and Southwest Airlines flew over a million flights in 2022. And Delta is number one for the second year in a row. It should be noted that companies such as Air Transat, Porter or Flair do not compete on this list because their business volume is too limited or data on all of their flights is not available, Cirium points out.

Canadian carriers in the hot seat

In Canada, the year ended on a bad note as a weather bomb damaged airports and rail, leaving thousands of travelers in limbo just days before Christmas, some sleeping on airport floors or hotel lobbies.

The situation has been so chaotic that the House of Commons Standing Committee on Transportation, Infrastructure and Communities took up the matter last week. Elected officials were able to ask the leaders or representatives of Air Canada, WestJet and Sunwing, as well as the country’s major airports, how to manage this exceptional situation.

On this occasion, Len Corrado, president of Sunwing, explained that the company does not have enough pilots to perform all of its flights – more than sixty are missing.

What we have learned from this government committee will in no way change the rankings received by the two Canadian companies featured on Cirium’s North American Bulletin, WestJet and Air Canada, of 9th and 10th respectively. The remaining eight companies are American. With a schedule reliability score of 55%, Air Canada is very close behind Delta, which is in first place with almost 84% of flights on time.

Jacob Charbonneau, co-founder and CEO of Late Flight, laments the results of WestJet and Air Canada: “These are astronomical discrepancies for Canadian companies. We really can do better! »

Mr. Charbonneau, who has traveled extensively himself, dwells more on the number of late flights than on the percentage of successful flights on this list. He sees delay rates of around 45% for Air Canada and 41% for WestJet as too high, especially given the total number of flights flown: 150,602 for Air Canada and 94,663 for WestJet. Delta, a leading company, manages to shine with a million flights a year, most of them on time!

In the defense of air carriers, it should be noted that the travel sector is coming out of a dark period and that coronavirus screening has complicated processes for the entire air transport industry.

Air Transat does not appear in the rankings, probably due to its limited radius of operation, its aircraft only fly to certain destinations from Canada.

Most trusted in regions of the world in 2022

  • North America: Delta Air Lines (USA)
  • Europe: Iberia Airlines (Spain)
  • Latin America: Azul (Brazil)
  • Asia Pacific: Thai AirAsia (Thailand)
  • Middle East and Africa: Oman Air (Arabia)

World leaders in air travel


Cyrium 2022

Mark :

  • Azul Airlines, the discount carrier from Brazil, ranks first in the world for punctuality! I like that low prices do not rhyme with system delays.
  • Despite being the best airline in the Asia-Pacific region, Thai AirAsia does not appear in the ranking of the best in the world because it does not serve at least three regions of the world, which is one of the criteria for inclusion in the list.

Best airports

For airport classification, Cirium defines an on-time flight as a flight departing no later than 15 minutes after the scheduled time.

Of all the airports in the world, Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Japan is ranked the most efficient in the world for 2022 with over 90% of flights departing on time, an all the more exceptional result as this part of the world suffers from extreme weather events every year due to its geographic location. . We can imagine the complexity of managing the airport’s gigantic infrastructure – and we measure the feat by ranking among the best in the world, no matter what!

Late Flight’s Mr. Charbonneau especially liked the “Top 10” of the best airports in the world: in contrast to this list, CNN Travel last September compiled a list of the world’s worst airports in terms of flight delays. Three Canadian airports are at the top of this table: Toronto in first place, Montreal in second place and Vancouver in 10th place.

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