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Finding Seedbox is definitely not the easiest task given the growing supply. Even if this type of file hosting isn’t very well known, it’s really worth looking into because it usually includes apps and features that you won’t find by choosing a classic VPS server. Seedbox not only allows you to download and send files (movies, series, images, music) at incredible speed, but also allows you to store a huge amount of files and documents to make it easier for you to access them wherever you are. and it’s at an affordable price. There are many providers on the Internet and the choice is not so simple.

Without wasting a second, we invite you to check out our comparison of the best seed boxes, in which we have classified the services according to their reliability, value for money and customer support. This will surely allow you to see better and choose the Seedbox that best suits your expectations.

Comparison of Seedbox offers


DediSeedBox is one of the most famous services. Its main advantage is super-fast 10Gbps bandwidth for unlimited usage and very good OpenVPN security that makes your connection completely anonymous.

In addition, the service integrates a large number of applications, including in its basic offer, which is not always the case with competitors. Indeed, all seedbox offerings have a “One Click Install” option to add up to 30 apps to your server, including Plex, Jellyfin, and Emby to manage your media library. You’ll also find Sonarr, Radarr to quickly discover and download your favorite content as soon as it’s available.

But let’s also talk about the price… In this regard, DediSeedbox is simply the cheapest you can find. Indeed, the Premium package costs just over $0.012 per GB per month.

In terms of VPS offerings, Dedisedbox offers four options: 750GB, 1TB, 1.5TB, and 2TB of storage space. Knowing that the 750 GB offer only costs $10/month (around €9/month) with all apps available. Suffice it to say that the price / quality ratio is unbeatable.


RapidSeedbox is a very big player in the industry but mainly focuses on high quality services. You can choose between solutions from 1.2 TB to 5.6 TB of storage space. As far as DediSeedbox is concerned, the download speed is 10Gbps without any bandwidth limitation.

If you are a beginner, the service aims to make your work easier with a simple interface and a one-click installation of at least 130 applications, regardless of your subscription, including the most popular ones such as Plex, Jellyfin, Emby. , RTorrent and many others. Another strong point is the provision of a VPN to secure your connection and a dedicated IP address for each Seedbox.

Obviously, all these small additions come with a cost that justifies the higher subscription price of the basic offer compared to the competition. But if you are looking for the best Seedbox provider, easy to use and excellent customer service, don’t hesitate for a second. is a reliable supplier that has proven itself in the market for over 12 years. The service has a number of cool features, including integrating and syncing your files with Google Drive thanks to SeedBucket.

In addition, the service offers excellent download speeds (no 20 Gbps limit) and a large amount of storage at relatively affordable prices. Although the server capacity for P2P is limited, the speed, storage capacity and security encryption system are at a very high level.

Most useful apps for self-respecting seeders are present, but alas, has an activity logging policy, which can be inconvenient for those who seek complete privacy. If this item does not bother you, then this supplier will undoubtedly please you.


Seedit4.Me has recently entered the Seedbox circle of providers and has built a solid reputation in just a few months. This success is partly due to great communication and building an active community on Discord.

This provider offers a wide range of applications. To date, there are 58, including Filebrowser, Deluge, Emby, CouchPotato, Medusa, OpenVPN, Plex, Radarr, and Sonarr. Unfortunately, not all of these apps are available for all subscriptions because the basic offerings are very limited in both download speed and bandwidth. Therefore, it is necessary to move to a higher market and upgrade to at least the “Hero NL” offer for 22.99 euros per month in order to have a really efficient server. From there, how much to tell you that it’s really worth it because Seedit4me has great customer service. is a good quality supplier offering a wide range of solutions at competitive prices. Starting at $9.99/month, their basic package includes a good amount of storage, while more expensive plans include extras like a Plex server and a super-fast 100 Gbps connection.

However, we note a lack in the number of apps on offer compared to providers such as Dedisiseedbox and RapidSeedbox. In addition, the company is located in France and cannot guarantee you complete privacy, which can turn off the most demanding users.

Please note that regularly offers attractive discounts for multi-month subscriptions, for example at the moment with an offer of 2.99 euros per month for 3 months. So, if you want to test their service, maybe now is the time.

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