Top Gun for Flight Simulator now free

If you want to know if you have the skills to fly the F/A18E Super Hornet from the latest Top Gun: Maverick movie starring Tom Cruise. You’ll be pleased to know that Microsoft has announced a new Top Gun: Maverick expansion for their Flight Simulator software. The expansion was created in partnership with Paramount Pictures and will take your piloting experience to the limit and beyond, says Microsoft. Check out the trailer below for more on what you can expect from the new Top Gun Flight Simulator expansion, now available as a free download if you have the base Flight Simulator software.

Flight Simulator Top Gun Expansion

“Develop the necessary skills and overcome the challenges that real Top Gun pilots face in authentic locations, including the challenge of landing on the deck of an aircraft carrier, one of the most difficult operations in the world of military aviation. The Top Gun: Maverick expansion also contains the Maverick Edition livery for the F/A18E Super Hornet, Super Hornet training missions that introduce you to radical flight maneuvers, five lowaltitude highspeed tests through mountains and canyons, a neverbeforeseen hypersonic aircraft and a mission with a roar in the stratosphere.”

Microsoft Flight Simulator is available on Xbox Series X|S and Windows PCs with Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass, and on Xbox One and devices you already own through Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Source: Microsoft

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