Toshiba’s French subsidiary fell victim to ransomware

Toshiba Tec France Imaging Systems (TFIS), the French subsidiary of the Japanese group, was the victim of ransomware on the night of Monday, May 4, 2021, reports LeMagIT. “Thanks to the preventive security solutions already in place, data virgin of any virus could be recovered and the amount of work lost was very minimal,” the company promises in a statement.

Darkside claims to have stolen data

“To date, all the applications are operational,” promises the management of the TFIS. In addition, “no data leaks were detected,” she adds.

However, the Russian criminal group in command of the attack, “DarkSide” (the same which allegedly attacked the American operator Colonial Pipeline), claims the opposite. On his site, he reports that 740 gigabytes of “sensitive data” were stolen during this operation.

It’s a safe bet that DarkSide will blackmail Toshiba by threatening to publish this information if the ransom is not paid quickly. The double extortion mechanism is now used by the majority of ransomware operators. It can be particularly daunting when the stolen data contains trade secrets.

REvil threatens Apple with revealing secret data

This same strategy was chosen by the criminal group REvil, also known as Sodinokibi, which recently attacked Quanta Computer, a major Apple subcontractor. They threatened to reveal technical drawings for some of the company’s devices if the $ 50 million ransom was not paid.

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