Toulouse: 5.6 kg of cocaine and 49 kg of marijuana were seized from a couple, worth more than 760,000 euros.

The mere sighting of a BAC on a Tuesday afternoon in Toulouse resulted in a record drug seizure and three arrests.

The entrance is huge. This Tuesday, July 26, at about 5:00 pm, the surveillance of the LHC officers of the Left Bank police paid off. It all starts on Rue Martinique, in the Bagatelle district of Toulouse. Well-informed officials set up covert surveillance and noticed suspicious comings and goings at the apartment level on the second floor of the building. They end up controlling the person who took the package from the apartment door. On it is a cocktail of two cannabis bars or 196 grams, an olive of cocaine for 9 grams and 4 grams of grass.

The man, of course, is arrested, and the police decide to search the apartment where he comes from. But everything is not so simple. First, no one agrees to open up to them. Forced to use a battering ram to break open the door, they run into furniture that prevents them from entering, but they manage to move forward.

A married couple whose wife is pregnant has three children. And the search leads to discoveries beyond the expectations of the police. They get their hands on an unloaded shotgun, a Glock automatic pistol, ammunition and 7,900 euros in cash. The apartment the family occupies contains a mountain of drugs, including 5.6 kg of cocaine and 49 kg of cannabis resin.

Pregnant woman escapes from the hospital

A 34-year-old man and a 29-year-old woman were detained. The latter, nearing the end of her pregnancy, is taken to the hospital to see if her condition is compatible with police custody. The mother takes the opportunity to escape. The latter, already known for bullying persons endowed with state power, is being actively searched for on Wednesday.

His companion and 22-year-old buyer were taken into custody at the premises of departmental security, who took over the investigation launched by the Left Bank Legal Support Group. The father of the family already has a brilliant criminal record for drugs, violence, aggravated theft and traffic violations.

According to Toulouse prosecutor Samuel Vuelta-Simon, “if the police had not intervened, the retail sale of the drugs found would have brought, at an average price on the illegal market, an amount of 763,358 euros for traffickers. “. The investigation is ongoing.

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