Toulouse-based Ubigreen joins the Planon group to expand internationally

After months of seeking funds to accelerate its international rollout, Toulouse-based SME Ubigreen has just completed its capital opening with the entry of the Dutch group Planon, which becomes the majority shareholder.

The teams remain in place, while Ubigreen’s two co-founders, Julien Meriodo and Pierre-Olivier Bessol, remain shareholders and managers. Specializing in building energy efficiency solutions and space management optimization in tertiary complexes, Ubigreen, which thus becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Planon, intends to accelerate its international rollout. In turn, the solutions developed by SME will enrich the software offering of the Dutch publisher, which stands out as one of the world leaders in the smart building management solutions market.

Going international

“Until now, we have been able to source our solutions in about fifteen countries through the real estate portfolios of our main clients. With Planon, we will be able to diversify our customer portfolio by relying on the group’s sales team and its network of subsidiaries. … and in other countries,” explains Pierre-Olivier Bessol, co-founder and CEO of Ubigreen.

The Toulouse-based company’s digital solutions are more specifically aimed at large tertiary properties and public real estate, with two additional offerings: Ubigreen Workspace and Ubigreen Energy. The former allows for the management and optimization of workplace occupancy, while the latter optimizes energy consumption, aiming to both reduce costs and greenhouse gas emissions from buildings through the deployment of sensor networks.

Several banks among clients

Founded in 2012 and based in Labege, in the IoT Valley business community, a southeast suburb of Toulouse, the company’s main clients include several large banking groups, including BNP, Société Générale and BPCE. Ubigreen employs about fifty people (about forty in Labege and about ten in Aubagne, near Marseille) and has reached 3.4 million in 2021 turnover, returning to pre-COVID levels of activity.

“Consolidated recovery in 2022 with double-digit growth,” Pierre-Olivier Bessol clarifies. For its part, the Dutch group, founded about forty years ago, is growing rapidly, with more than a thousand employees and fifteen offices around the world.

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