Toulouse: customs dog eats some offender’s cannabis and avoids jail

A recidivist was tried in a Toulouse court this week in a drug trafficking case.

There was no news about the customs dog during the hearing. Photo by Nicolas TOUCAT / AFP – AFP

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Published: May 5, 2022 at 12:05 pm.

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Man’s best friend is a dog? Possibly from this 29-year-old delinquent. As La Depeche, who was arrested in late March in a drug trafficking case in Toulouse, explains, the repeat offender was put on trial for his immediate appearance this week.

Weighing is obsolete

At first glance, there was not a shadow of doubt in his conviction. Identified as the owner of 25 kg of cannabis resin found by the DEA and Customs, he finally got away from court.

The customs dog that made it possible to detect cannabis resin would have been used in goods. Thus, the defendant’s lawyer declared the nullity of the trial. The weighing of the goods was declared invalid due to the fact that part of it was swallowed by a customs dog. Thus, the defendant was released, but this decision must be challenged by the prosecutor’s office, points out La Dépêche, who also points out that no information about the dog’s health condition was provided.

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