Toulouse: table football, bowling, video games… Discover the new ginget in the Croix Dorade.

The most important
A few days ago, a new shop opened in the Croix Dorade area of ​​Toulouse. In summer, the Chez Casi restaurant offers games and theme nights.

Located at the end of a cul-de-sac, just off Boulevard Atlanta, between Rue Rose and Rue Croix Dorade in Toulouse, Chez Casi, open since 2014, offers an explosive setting for lovers of grilled meats, homemade burgers or other gourmet dishes. Garlands, bowling, table football, retro arcade games… The terrace makes you feel at home. Within ten days, the owner of the establishment, Patrick Pichon, nicknamed Kazi in honor of the well-known for his kindness TV hero Casimir, decided to launch his ginghetta. And the name was quickly found. “To put it simply, genget in Casi,” the owner laughs. So, to realize this new project, the owner immediately came up with ideas. “I invested in games and things like that to make customers feel at home, I already had a terrace,” says the business manager.

But this project was not born by chance. Like other establishments, this nine-year-old restaurant has been hit hard by the health crisis. Kasi and his son were looking for ways to revive the business and thus compensate for the losses. “We have halved the turnover. Sanitary permits, restrictions, curfews and so on, all this was very difficult to manage,” explains the owner. Prior to the health crisis, his ten-person team stayed off Saturday nights “to give them time for their private lives,” but Covid-19 has shuffled the cards.

First season

Kasi invited his cooks and waiters to put on an apron in the evening to launch the Season 1 ginghetta, open until the end of October. And inevitably the boss, the former host of the evening, put the dishes in large ones. Thursday night, quiz night, Friday is karaoke with Kashi as the hall driver, and Saturday is an acoustic concert. “For these evenings, we have simplified the menu by adding burgers, sushi and grilled meats,” he adds. With the return of the sun, this new genhetta comes just in time.

“Chez Casi”, Rue Jules Raymu, 8, Toulouse. Booking recommended by phone 05 61 12 04 48. More information at

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