Toulouse: trafficker confused by the smell of her bag

A woman in her twenties was arrested by the Toulouse police. The smell of the bag gave her away. Kilograms of drugs of all kinds were found.

The smell tickled their nostrils. Last Thursday, at around 10:00 pm, members of the Northern Specialized Field Brigade police patrolling the Jolimont sector came across a young girl with a loaded bag over her shoulder at around 10:00 pm. The characteristic smell of cannabis coming from his bag did not escape them, and they proceeded to check it.
In the bag they received a cocktail of different and varied drugs: 10 grams of ketamine (an anesthetic), 28 grams of cannabis resin, 48 grams of cocaine, 171 grams of herbal cannabis and 9 grams of ecstasy. Not one, not two, a young woman in her twenties was arrested and taken into police custody.
The officers of the right-bank group of the right-bank police did not stop at this gross offense and carried out a more than successful search in the house of the trafficker. A large amount of drugs was found there: 990 grams of ketamine, 220 grams of cannabis resin and 930 grams of cannabis herb, as well as dozens of MDMA capsules. She also had 6,600 euros in cash.
When confronted by the police, the young woman confessed that she was involved in human trafficking. Until now unknown to justice, she was left at large under judicial control. She received a summons under the protocol, and on August 10 she will be tried in an expedited manner.

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