Toulouse: truck driver handed over cigarettes and cannabis

The truck driver intercepted by customs last week will spend the month of August in prison. He admitted to regularly “smuggling” cigarettes and herbal cannabis.

The journey of the 58-year-old truck driver stopped on Wednesday at the Toulouse Nord toll gate. Despite the early hour, the customs officers took their places at the entrance to the highway that leads towards Montauban and Bordeaux or towards Paris. Classic operation with “nose” check.

The visit of the tractor, driven by this man from Toulouse, brought pleasant surprises to the customs officers. They quickly found 45 packs of cigarettes on the other side of the Pyrenees, as well as 2 kg of herbal marijuana and 26,000 euros. Assigned to the Department of Security’s Narcotics and Underground Economy investigators, this suspect didn’t go into hiding much. While in Spain, he regularly returns to France and takes the opportunity to bring back “duty-free” cigarettes and, for the past few months, herbal cannabis, which he buys from a grower in his village. A little traffic that comfortably complements his end of the month and finances the work of his home on the side of Barcelona.

At the end of his police custody, he appeared before the public prosecutor’s office and then appeared before the criminal court of Toulouse on Friday afternoon. On the advice of his lawyer, he asked for time to prepare his defense. The delay is allowed, but at the request of the prosecutor, the court issued a warrant for the arrest of this man. He will spend the summer in the Seysses detention center and return to court at the end of August.

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