Tour de France: bikes that cost a fortune

History has been repeating itself every day since July 1: millions of spectators, facing the screens, with their shutters closed and the fan running, are enthusiastic and sometimes sleepy before the Tour of France. A guarantee that no one will suspect hundreds of little hands busy in the background, determined to shine and cover these wild cars that waltz the world’s greatest cyclists. Because bicycles, true technological gems, cost a fortune. Some of them reach 20,000 euros, according to Le Parisien this Saturday, July 23rd.

With 22 teams, the Tour de France will carry almost a thousand bikes from one stage to the next. There are four to five bikes scheduled for each rider, if you count those scheduled for time trials. For manufacturers, the Tour is a real showcase, an opportunity to show all the new products. The cars are now very light (about 7 kg) with aerodynamic handlebars. Their carbon fiber frames make up between a third and half of the bike’s total cost (nearly 5,000 euros, according to Sports and Leisure). Other expensive innovations include a power sensor in the pedals, a special saddle, an electronic transmission and the latest generation of disc brakes, our colleagues list.


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With pairs of wheels that can cost up to €1,200, the bikes will cost up to €12,000 for Cofidis, €10,000 for Intermarché and €20,000 for Jumbo Visma. Note that the most affordable of the peloton cost about 6,000 euros, according to Sports et Loisirs. In total there will be about twenty million euros. At this value, the teams will make sure to lock and wire the alarms on these luxury items.


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