Tour: he targeted the unreliable and easy

“I ended up on the street. I was attacked with a knife.” In fact, he was assassinated. “He received stab wounds in the region of the heart, in particular. For two years he lived either on the right or on the left. I was accompanied by a psychiatrist. this will help me. I would like to leave Tournai.”

cannabis is not good

Anis’s lawyer points out that his client dated an older man who gave him 50 euros. But the person in question has a different version, and he believes that Anis stole this note from him. “My client says he has returned all the stolen items. He walks many steps from the prison to get out of it. He was in psychiatry several times. According to the prosecutor, not everything has been returned. “He snatched that ticket from the hands of the old man. It attacks people in a dangerous or elderly position. The facts are disgusting, and I ask for confirmation of the sanction.

Judgment October 20th.


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