Tours Métropole: Wilfried Schwarz’s attorney recognizes “hot exchange” but “no physical abuse”

A counterattack by Wilfried Schwarz the day after his chief of administration in a metropolis filed a complaint against him for “willful violence by a person with state power.” On Thursday afternoon, the President of Tours Métropole gave a press conference.

He has confirmed his intention to resign from the post of the head of the metropolis and establish a rotating presidency. His lawyer specifically assured that this decision had absolutely nothing to do with Incident what we told you on Wednesday, about this heated discussion with the head of his administration in the metropolis, which, in the latter’s opinion, would have ended with a blow to the face from Wilfried Schwarz in his address.

All shots allowed below the belt – Wilfried Schwartz

The rules are set from the very beginning of the press conference. The mayor is about to issue a press statement but will not answer any questions. Part of the city council enters from the back of the room or at the table. The silent support of the one everyone expects, Wilfried Schwartz. “I felt the difficulties that an elected official might face. However, I was far from thinking that the petty politics that feed abstinence is a separate world where all blows below the belt are allowed. “

His lawyer acknowledges a “hot exchange” that is not related to the intention to resign.

It talks about organized traps, tainted honorbut leave the room, leaving room to applause for your lawyer, Maitre Clément Leroy. He does not deny that a heated exchange of views took place the day before between the head of the metropolis and its head of administration, but he refutes any physical abuse… He also ensures that this is not related to the imminent resignation of Wilfried Schwarz. “Not really. This intention to resign was his intention, he always mentioned this, this is a different way of government with a rotation of presidential powers. ”

The two are also wondering about the complaint filed just days before the second round of elections for the departments in which Wilfried Schwarz is involved. You can also wonder about the moment the metropolis boss chose to announce his intention to retire, just hours after the altercation.

Wilfried Schwarz also confirmed that he remained mayor of La Riche and candidate for department elections this Sunday in the canton of Ballan Mir.… Regarding the change of the president of the metropolis, the current boss will bring together the mayors of Tours Métropole next week.

What is the future of the metropolis?

This scandal is causing a stir in Touraine’s political class anyway. Because it will be necessary to find a successor to Wilfried Schwarz as president of the metropolis. Mayor of Tourand vice-president of the metropolitan area, Emmanuel Denis, is calling for a quick solution to the problem. It does not exclude the possibility of being a candidate as President of Tours Métropole.

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