Towards a lawsuit between Sony (PlayStation) and CD Projekt Red (CyberPunk 2077) to reimburse the PS4 versions?

It was one of the most anticipated games of this year 2020 and undoubtedly of this PS4 / Xbox One generation. The least we can say is that CyberPunk 2077 knows how to make people talk about it and unleash the crowds. Alas, maybe not for the right reasons. Between rave reviews of the PC version of the game by the press on one side, and censorship of console versions by CD Projekt on the other, there is plenty to ask for. This is why Squeezer made the choice not to test the game on PC and to wait to have in our possession the game in its console version for a more honest test. So, our preview of the game is already available, but our test won’t arrive until later this week.

Anyway, the console versions seem to be a real concern. Since our decision not to test the game on Wednesday evening, many specialized press sites have also spoken about the game on PS4 and Xbox One (first models of 2013) and it is quite catastrophic. While the game runs roughly well on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X (with lots of big patches), it’s a hell of a lot for gamers on 2013 consoles.

Thus, many complaints from disgruntled gamers demand reimbursement for the game. The phenomenon has grown to such an extent that Sony is forced to make a rare exception and give in to the demand from gamers. Worse yet, Sony could even take legal action against CD Projekt Red.

Sony sells and reimburses PS4 versions of the game

Faced with the anger of the players and the rather blatant observation of the PS4 Fat versions of the game, Sony had no other choice than to relax its refund policy for games purchased on the PlayStation Store. Thus, many players who made claims were able to be reimbursed even after exceeding two hours of play. Good news shared by many Internet users including a Reddit user.

Sony issues refunds even after the 2 hour playtime for digital games, if you file a refund request and speak to a representative.

Edit: It looks like most of the people who responded can confirm they got a refund, but some requests are denied. I just wanted to reiterate that I had already deleted the game from my PS4, deleted the saved data, and just deleted customer service in a professional and calm manner. I guess it depends on the reps you’re dealing with. The lady I spoke to was very kind and understanding about the situation and even mentioned that she was really looking forward to seeing the game too. Good luck guys.

So it would seem that not all players are equally lucky and it depends a lot on how the request is made. But this user offers a second update to his Reddit post.

Edit 3: I had played well for more than 10 hours. My rep never mentioned this was a one-time exception, but I’ve never called and requested a refund before. I had also deleted the ENTIRE game from my PS4: game data, saved data, everything. Sorry, a lot of people have bad luck with that…

The user specifies that the duration of the two hours of play has been largely exceeded. But the latter specifies that even before making his request he had completely removed the game, updates and backups included!

Sony: A legal case for CyberPunk 2077?

Contact Cyberpunk 2077

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Still in the same Reddit post, the same user specifies at the end of his post that the person he may have had on the phone confided to him that Sony was planning to take legal action following numerous requests for return from players. While this information should be taken with a huge grain of salt, it seems to confirm that the game is dividing and that the majority of gamers who don’t have a PS5 / PS4 Pro, Xbox Series X / Xbox One X, or competitive PCs cannot enjoy the experience as it should.

The lady I spoke to, Carly, also said that Sony is filing a business complaint with CDPR about these issues, and I wasn’t the first to call today regarding refunds.

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