Towards a one-stop-shop for grant applications from associations?

“I will greatly simplify the paperwork. We are working to establish a one-stop-shop in relation to the State for applying for grants under the Association-State Trust Agreement,” the Secretary of State said this Sunday, September 18. Marlene Schiappa, responsible for public life, on the Franceinfo website.

Volunteer Platform

Another way that Ms. Schiappa has suggested to support volunteering is to create a platform by the end of the year to let volunteers know “which diplomas they can apply for”, as part of a test of experience. “There are a lot of people who signed up as volunteers but can’t list it as a skill on their resume because they don’t have the right degree,” Ms Schiappa explained. Created in 2002, the Experience Test allows anyone to earn a diploma or title by certifying their skills acquired during their professional or voluntary experience.


Mileage expenses: good news for association volunteers

With Covid, 15% fewer volunteers

According to an Ifop survey published in May, the Covid-19 crisis has resulted in a reduction of around 15% in the number of volunteers employed in the voluntary sector. A study of the expectations of association leaders by the research and solidarity network of experts, published in June, showed their desire for “recognition of the civic role and social utility of associations” and administrative simplification.


How to create the 1901 Associations Act?

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