Towards regulated cannabis legalization?

The Economic, Social and Environmental Council on Tuesday called for a “sham legalization” of cannabis. However, this body has only an advisory role. The government is not bound to follow his recommendations.

France legalizes cannabis for medical purposes

Today, the recreational use of cannabis is legal in several countries, including Canada and Uruguay. Malta was the first country in Europe to give the green light to its use, and Germany should follow suit by 2024. In France, in March 2021, only an experiment on medical applications began. active ingredients derived from cannabis.

Cheze recommends fake legalization

On Tuesday, January 24, the Economic, Social and Environmental Council called for the “sham legalization” of cannabis. The work carried out by the interim commission chaired by Jean-Francois Nathon, the federal councilor of the CGT, made it possible to make an unfortunate observation. “France is one of the countries in Europe where the legislation is the most repressive. And yet, we are seeing one of the highest levels of cannabis use,” said Mr. Nathon.

For distribution in legal retail outlets with a license

Thus, legitimate businesses can see the light of day if they are licensed and that managers receive “risk prevention and mitigation training”. On the other hand, it will be prohibited to sell cannabis to minors. The notice also does not permit “propaganda or advertising in favor of cannabis, or any free or promotional distribution” along the lines of Evin’s tobacco law.

Task: “Weaken and dry up illegal traffic as much as possible”

Chese believes France’s cannabis policy is ineffective. By proposing a “sham legalization” of the drug, the body wants to “weaken and stop the illegal traffic as much as possible,” according to Helno Eirija, the former president of Unef. However, the Economic, Social and Environmental Council plays a purely advisory role. As a result, the executive branch is in no way bound to follow its recommendations.

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