Tower of Fantasy stops on its MMO dimension on video

Tower of Fantasy, which is often compared to Genshin Impact for good reasons (it’s hard to deny the similarity), stands out in one significant way: its social aspect. If Genshin Impact can be played with friends, it’s much more limited than Tower of Fantasy, and Hotta Studio wants to prove it to us today with two new videos highlighting this aspect of the game.

Adventure for multiple people

Now that the title has announced a release date for its global version set for next week, communication is speeding up.

Today we are discovering the first gameplay video, defined as “creative gameplay”, which aims to highlight the customization side of our own adventure that we can live when we hear, with a few options. This obviously comes through the creation of his character, which promises to be quite extensive.

The second video shows us everything you can do in the game, alone or with others. We can explore the game’s large open world in the company of other players, and we can also meet others who walk around the map like we do, kind of like an MMO.

The global version of Tower of Fantasy will be available on August 11 on iOS, Android and PC.

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