Toy Soldiers HD still postponed

For the third time, Accelerate Games and Signal Studios had to push back the release date for Toy Soldiers HD. The strategic title, which was due to launch a few hours ago, will not launch until October 21. An expectation that is explained by “a problem of incorrect display of the rankings, among some minor elements that we wanted to solve”, explain the developers. “Rather than stagger our release, we decided that it was better to retain all versions until we could release them on the same day.”

An understandable choice and that, therefore, will see the game initially published on Xbox Live Arcade, in 2010,
It will be rolled out on PC, Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation 4 in just over two weeks. A breaking report for which the studios behind have apologized on Twitter:

“We apologize for changing the date again, but we want you to experience the Definitive Edition to the fullest. We want you to enjoy the improved performance, the new single and multiplayer modes, and all the DLC.”

Toy Soldiers HD is the digital embodiment of our childhood imagination mixed with strategy and military action. Lead soldiers from World War I and military vehicles engage in strategic battles filled with authentic sights and sounds. “

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