Toys and video games: the game is not over yet!


January 2, 2023, Monday, Valentin Puo

If the health crisis has benefited France’s toy and video game market, the sector must now consider household arbitrage in the face of an inflation estimated at +5.3%, according to Xerfi. However, a resilient market should record +0.5% growth in 2023, compared to +1% in 2022.

Dudley, Harry Potter’s cousin, still knows how to count his gifts. Just like little Frenchies on next New Year’s Eve, because households, despite the economic context, still want toys. A confidence shared since the health crisis, the various specialist brands contacted for this file. “In 2021, we reached a turnover of 659 million euros and grew by 11%, while the market itself grew by 6%. Children [ces adultes qui adoptent un comportement d’enfant] make up 28% of our purchases today, while online sales make up 15% of our sales. Not to mention physical sales, which have continued to grow since the beginning of 2022,” explains Frank Mathais, representative of the JouéClub cooperative (290 stores). It also notes “a 5% increase in store traffic in September 2022 compared to the same period last year.”

The same can be said for Kingtoy, which, after acquiring Maxi Toys this summer, now has a fleet of 350 stores and is now determined to get closer to the city. “In 2021, we presented a turnover of 400 million euros. From now on, we are focusing more and more on city centers, unlike four or five years ago,” emphasizes Sébastien Pingo, commercial director of the brand, whose sales (80% physical versus 20% digital) are mainly driven by licenses (Pokémon, Marvel and etc.).

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As for the 30 Game Cash franchises (pop culture and retro games), they bring in “€15 million in turnover with an average basket of around €40 steadily increasing post-Covid,” according to Olivier Fournier, head of franchise development. for the brand. And this is “in the gaming market, which has been growing for 30 years, the turnover of which has exceeded 7 billion euros.” And a Game Cash spokesperson added that the second-hand market (50% of Game Cash turnover) is attracting no less than new releases with “a moderate but constant drop in activity for new video games, faced with a market that has been massively stormed.” distribution and e-commerce players.” Among them, in particular, GSA, which, faced with a structural decline in its market share in the sale of games and toys (28% in 2021 against 35% in 2013, according to Xerfi), also wants to get its share of the pie.

Balance prices for households

If JouéClub resists puzzles, which make up “17% of market sales in France” according to Franck Mathé, as well as board games and licenses (Jurassic World, Naruto, Harry Potter) like its counterparts, time came. family arbitration. “The average family expense per child is 250 euros. We keep inflation at 3.6% for toys updated from 2021 to 2022, i.e. an average increase of 1.10 euros for the same toys,” says Frank Matais. As a result, JouéClub guarantees “prices are locked until the end of the year” in a context where Christmas makes up 55% of its sales. The same spirit of vigilance shared by Kingtoy’s Sebastian Pingo…

The full text of the article can be found in the December 2022 and January 2023 issues of L’Officiel de la Franchise, currently available on newsstands.


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