TPMP: Benjamin Castaldi’s Mindblowing Expenses for 12 Minutes in a Private Jet

TPMP spares no effort to entertain its audience. Indeed, there is not much time left for Cyril Hanoun and his team to share new and unforgettable moments with their fans. Once summer is established, they will have to wait for the school year to start to find themselves. So apparently host Touche isn’t at my post and his reviewers are doing everything so fans can’t wait to find them when the time comes. Yet despite perhaps the more visible efforts of our PAF stars, it’s the same concept that’s ignited on the C8.

Topics that cause controversy among Internet users are considered on the set and discussed by columnists. And on May 9, it was around the flights of Elon Musk on the plane that tension crystallized. But the participants in the debate did not even suspect that then it was Benjamin Castaldi who would go on the grill for the same reasons as the billionaire … Obyoko will tell you everything!

TPMP puts Benjamin Castaldi on the grill for confession that offends the public

Probably Benjamin Castaldi often shocks TPMP viewers. Indeed, in a sense, they are accustomed to revealing the extravagance of past columnist Cyril Hanuna. Because, let’s not forget, he was a facilitator before he ended up on the PAF troublemaker team. For several years he was a stellar TF1 host on very popular programs such as Secret Story and Loft Story. Needless to say to our readers, they realized that the Touche columnist, not in my position, was making very good money. Indeed, Benjamin Castaldi did not hide this. And when he tells his colleagues jokes about the time spent on C8, he even admits that he was a real gambler.

However, in all the years that ex-husband Flavi Flaman has been present at TPMP, they have had good reason to believe that they have heard everything. However, while Cyril Hanouna brings up the controversial topic of the day with his reviewers, this is really a new story about money thrown out the window, which is reported by Benjamin Castaldi. A topic that has shaken the Net in recent days has been billionaire Elon Musk’s jet flights. At a time when global warming is a priority issue, netizens are outraged, noting that some do not hesitate to undermine the efforts of the poorest. Indeed, while we sort waste and save energy, Elon Musk is flying in less than 10 minutes in a private jet.

The Twitter account that lists the business trips of billionaires has thousands of Internet users falling from above. And even more so if it takes only 9 minutes to fly. So Cyril Hanuna returned to this debate that blew up the Internet on May 9th on the set of TPMP. And Obyoko told you that it was without considering this disgusting new confession from Benjamin Castaldi!

A whim that cost him an astronomical sum

When Benjamin Castaldi was an animator and made very good money, he was far from being a billionaire. But you have to believe that he liked to act like he was one of the richest people in this world. A player at heart, as he repeatedly admitted on the set of TPMP, the former host loves to spend money when he knows he has it. Even if it means delaying the realization that he doesn’t have as many of them as he thought.

So while everyone is criticizing the behavior of Elon Musk, whose irresponsible behavior was to take a private jet for a 9-minute flight, the TPMP set learns in passing that Benjamin Castaldi offered himself the same whim for a 12-minute flight on private jet. .

The icing on the cake was that the TPMP columnist himself suggested this round trip to, in all likelihood, commit adultery. All for a tidy sum of 15,000 euros! Decisively, Objeko had no idea that Benjamin Castaldi could compete in jokes with Elon Musk. But you have to admit that he did a great job! Also, don’t accuse his comrades of faking it, instead of being interested in the controversy surrounding the billionaire who recently became the owner of Twitter.

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