Train station piano, cooking and indie video games: 5 TikTok accounts to follow in January 2023

TikTok’s Numerama makes it impossible to get tired. Every month, we select a few creative, funny, or engaging TikTok channels for you. Here is the data for January 2023.

You come to your senses after a Christmas party, wondering if it’s worth sticking with your new resolutions, you realize you’ll age another year…January isn’t a very festive month. Luckily, TikTok can help keep you distracted.

You don’t know what to see? To get started, we recommend our TikTok account. But we also have a few nuggets on the platform that we can bring to you for January 2023.

The TikTok app can be very interesting. // helloimnick


Filiz Ackerman, known as FILIZ, is a pianist and singer. She sits down at the piano at the station and accepts us without embarrassment in her scales. Quite often, people passing by get into his game, creating funny and touching TikTok videos. Candy for the ears and a good portion of good mood.

uncle bato

Tonton Batou – One independent video game per week. Bato presents his discoveries without spoilers and with humor. Stop stocking up on video games for the New Year!

Jacob’s Food Diaries

Whether you love to cook or not, there is something that everyone loves: beautifully designed plates. Jacob’s Food Diaries is the perfect account! Through these videos, you can discover fun and sometimes slightly disturbing (let’s not lie to us) ways to fake food (before you eat it and think about why it took you so long to do something so fleeting).


Lumieruuh is a mini artist with a maxi talent. Typography, characters, techniques – she shows us all her skills by voicing her videos with the voice of a cartoon character.

Pompidou Center

Yes, the Pompidou Center has a TikTok account! Who is better prepared to talk about art? Discover anecdotes about the museum and artists presented with humor and rhythm.

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