Trainer BAC+4/5 – Blockchain

We are looking for a trainer on the “Blockchain” module (total 36 hours) for 3rd year students of the IT sector. This course will run throughout October and November on the following dates:

– October 11, 2022 (7 hours of classes)

– October 13, 2022 (6 hours of classes)

– October 14, 2022 (4h lesson)

– November 02, 2022 (8 hours of classes)

– November 03, 2022 (7 hours of classes)

– November 04, 2022 (4 hours of classes)

Hourly rate: 60 €/h excluding taxes

————————————————– ————

Educational goals:

> Evaluate blockchain and related security services

> Understand the type of application candidate for Blockchain

> Specify how the security services provided by the blockchain are provided.

> Apply blockchain to applications


Apart from the hype around cryptocurrencies and bitcoins, the IT community is realizing that the infrastructure that supports them, blockchain, provides a level of innovation that can revolutionize certain areas of finance, industry, commerce, and administration. Blockchain is a peer-to-peer, transactional, distributed system (we are talking about DAO: Distributed Autonomous Organization), secure, irrevocable, providing absolute traceability. An approach that should revolutionize the economy and the functioning of society, as the Internet has done since 1994.

This main purpose is to present this architecture, the security associated with it, and its implementation.

————————————————– ————

Feel free to contact me if this mission might be of interest to you, it would be my pleasure to discuss this module and its teaching methods with you.

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