Transparent Steam Deck with enhanced cooling features

If you’re looking for ways to personalize your new Valve steam deck, you might be interested in the new transparent polycarbonate and aluminum alloy body. Not only does this provide a clear back that allows you to see the innards of your handheld game console, but it also provides improved cooling. Allows you to keep your Steam Deck cool during gaming sessions when you play high performance games.

To learn more about the JSAUX transparent backplate specially designed for Valve’s steam deck, check out the video courtesy of ETA Prime, which gives more information on what you can expect from a transparent body equipped with additional cooling design elements.

Transparent Steam Deck

Transparent Steam Deck

“Translucent steam deck back panels are finally here, and they offer a bit more than just an improved look for a steam deck. The new JSAUX Transparent Backplate or Steam Deck comes with a set of upgraded rear buttons and this backplate also has a builtin cooling plate that keeps the CPU cool on your steam deck!”


– This transparent back cover will allow you to see all the equipment of your deck. Thanks to the transparent plate, you can identify every smallest component in your handheld device with a unique design.
– The transparent lid also comes with three sets of rear buttons (each with a different height) that will allow fans to customize their decks even more unique.
– Each set has a different height (original, high and low) suitable for all types of players. Each button features a premium, more durable, antislip texture.
– Thermal paste is applied on the back cover, as well as a heat dissipation aluminum sheet, which improves the heat dissipation efficiency.
– This set includes 1x transparent back plate, 1x screwdriver, 1x disassembler stick, 1x thermal paste (already attached to the back plate), 4x original edition buttons, 4x bottom buttons, 4x top buttons, 16 x button screws, 10 x screws for back panel, 10 x antistatic gloves.

Source: JSAUX

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