Transport Fever 2: Console Edition To Launch Its Network On Xbox In Early March – Quiz & News – Xbox Mag

While Nacon is launching its line of Life simulation games, the French publisher has decided to expand its work on management games adapted for consoles. After the Tour de France, other modes of transport will be discussed in Transport Fever 2: Console Edition, the game, which will be released March 9, 2023 on Xbox and PlayStation.

Available since late 2019 on PC via Steam, Transport Fever 2 will thus be more than three years before the console version becomes available. Just announced, Transport Fever 2: Console Edition will be published by French publisher Nacon, replacing Good Shepherd Entertainment, which was responsible for the original version. On the other hand, it is the Swiss developers Urban Games who are responsible for the porting, and we hope they have done a great job to ensure the correct gameplay on the controller.

The first trailer of this console version reminds us of the principle of the game, so you will be in charge of a transport company and will have to manage the air, road and public transport networks by determining the roads to drive on and equip stations that will fit your fleet of vehicles funds.

Transport Fever 2: Console Edition is expected on March 9, 2023.

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