Transportation: Paris-New York flight coming soon in 30 minutes on SpaceX rockets?

By Graziella L. Posted on September 18, 2022 10:38 AM

Today you need a seven hour flight from Paris to spend a few days exploring New York. But by 2027, SpaceX plans to cut flight times to 30 minutes with its Starship rocket.

Want to vacation in New York? At present, you should prepare your trip a bit in advance, as it takes 7 hours of flying across the Atlantic from Paris. But rocket maker SpaceX aims to make it a routine flight by 2027, where we could go on a whim. Indeed, these ultra-fast flights aboard the Starship rocket will be reduced by only 30 minutes,almost 27000 km/h.

This is indeed possible for our Starship rocket. At the moment, we are focusing on the Moon, on Mars, and also on flights from one point to another on Earth,” said Gwynn Shotwell. President of SpaceX, at RTL. Other routes must be offered within 5 years, such as Sydney-Zurich in 50 minutes or Los Angeles-Shanghai in 36 minutes.. The machines could then accommodate a hundred people from the platform out to sea at prices reserved for one person. elite, still unknown.

An environmental aberration and a project that runs counter to all concerns about the environment and calls for energy sobriety. A rocket actually consumes almost 200 tons of CO2, much more than a simple airliner. In addition, concerns about launching a rocket to the moon underscore the difficulty of launching such a vehicle in a timely manner. Not to mention the additional carbon footprint needed to reach the offshore launch platform.

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