Travel to Planet Nine with The Crew’s Space Card Game at 31% Off This Prime Day

If you like a fantastic space-themed game, now is the perfect time to buy The Crew, which is on sale on Amazon Prime Day at a 30% discount (now $ 10.45).

Imagine that you are part of a team of astronauts and scientists who must overcome the dangers of space to discover Planet Nine, a hypothetical planet that could exist in the outer solar system. This is exactly what you need to do by completing 50 harrowing missions in “The Crew: The Quest For Planet Nine” by Thames and Kosmos.

“Crew: In Search of the Ninth Planet”: US $ 14.95 now $ 10.45 on Amazon
Do you have what it takes to find Planet Nine? This card game from Thames and Kosmos has 50 daring missions to find a mysterious plane in our solar system. Work together in a co-op game for 3 to 5 players to find the Ninth Planet.

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