Treasures of the Aegean coming to Xbox at the end of 2021

Spanish developer Undercoders announces that Treasures of the Aegean will arrive in late 2021 on Xbox One. This historic action thriller / action can be seen in its first trailer below.

In this action platformer, you’ll play as Marie Taylor and James Andrew, in search of a vanished kingdom. Legend has it that this world is trapped in a time loop. Adventure will play into it, letting you collect new artifacts every time the time resets. The goal will be to unravel the mystery, and to stop this anomaly …

This open world, entirely hand-drawn, will take you on a tour of Thera, cradle of the Minoan civilization. Since 1639 BC, The volcano in the center of the island has erupted perpetually, engulfing this world and its inhabitants. You will have to avoid history repeating itself, by visiting the places, solving puzzles and watching out for the mysterious beings who will try to block your path.

Built as a Metroidvania, Treasures of the Aegean looks colorful and seductive. Especially since his script surfs on films like “An endless day ” and “Edge of Tomorrow ”, two references in the field!

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